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ThePlaygrounds Adult alternative lifestyle parties

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The Playgrounds presents SWINGLES at S-Private-Club.


This new event is for couples & single ladies who like to meet, chat and possibly indulge with courteous, respectful, seductive, sexy single guys who are keen to become part of the lifestyle scene.


The ladies are in charge of what goes on at these parties so respectful etiquette is a must from all male guests.


Come join us at the sumptuous spa facilities that only S-Private-Club can provide, with a chilled friendly atmosphere so people can mix, socialise and possibly indulge in each other.


This is an invite only party, so guys will be subject to a vetting process and criteria.


All soft drinks must be bought from the club bar only. Strict club rules ...apply to all guests attending.


Club & Party features:


• 1 x 5 seat Hot tub.

• 1 x 7 seat Hot tub.

• Large Sauna

• 2 x Locker areas

• Large shower area

• Soft drinks bar + social area

• Covered + heated smoking area

• Buffet.

• 5 x Lockable playrooms

• Dark room

• 3 Open play areas

• Music

• Towel’s supplied

• Pay & display carpark at the rear of the club.

• Invite only party

• Couples, Single ladies, Single guys & TVs/TSs/CDs

• 3am closing time.

• BYOB only.

• Chiller cabinets to store your alcohol

• Sex Swing.


Couples: £40.00

Single guys: £40.00

Single ladies: £5.00

CDs/TVs/TSs: 10.00


Message us for an invite to be placed on the guest list.


House Rules: 


No sex in the hot tubs, it’s a health risk, unhygienic and you will spoil the use of the hot tubs for the others.


Play clean and safe. Use common sense and clean up your mess.


We operate a No Drugs policy. Drugs of any sort will not be tolerated anywhere under premises. If drugs are found, police will be informed and you will be banned from the club.


No means No. Respect the rules of others. If anyone says No, please respect them and back off. Closed doors means privacy, don’t force it. Harassment will not be tolerated.


Be sensitive, thoughtful and understanding with our staff and our guests.


We work very hard to keep the premises to a high standard for your comfort, please treat it with respect.


The staff reserve the right to refuse entry to those they perceive as being in a drunken state or those creating a nuisance.


Membership is not transferable or refundable.


We aim to build a strong long term reputation so we will not hesitate to change, add and push our rules.


We will ask for proof of membership every time when visiting the club even if over time you became a regular client. From time to time, we might change the staff so you may not be a familiar face to them.


The management have to right to change and ammend these rules at anytime.



The next SWINGLES party will be:



Saturday 10th June 2017

8.30pm till late