Attending as a couple

The Playgrounds always likes to welcome new couples as well as established couples to our events.

Every couple or single attending our events will need to give some additional details to ensure your security and to help us gain the right mix of guests at each event.

For us to add you as a couple to our pre pay ticket only exclusive guest list, we will need the following information.


Your first names.

(As per your photo I.D. on arrival)

Profile or username and website if available

(This will speed the process up)

An email address

(so we can send you a party email confirmation)

A resent face picture of you both


You will NEED to read and reply to the party email, confirming you will be attending, failing to reply means you will lose your place on our guest list and entry to the club.

Failure to attend after confirming that you will be attending could result in you being excluded from future Playgrounds events



Smart and sexy or in themed costume/outfit.

No blue or ripped jeans, No trainers, No t-shirts, No hoodies or tracksuits.

People who fail to make any effort in appearance could be refused entry.

If you have any questions please contact us here 

The Playgrounds operate a NO means NO policy, in a no pressure no obligation environment.

We ALWAYS expect all of our guests to display a basic lifestyle etiquette within the club.

Failure to comply with The Playgrounds house rules will mean you will be asked to leave.

Be aware sexual assault and harassment laws does not stop at the club/venue door.

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