Are straight single women (Unicorns) excepted in the swinging world

In the world of Swingers, a unicorn is defined loosely as a single female who is looking to connect with a couple who wants a to add a third-party to their sexual encounters. A unicorn can be straight or bisexual, but the same rule always applies: she must be single, unattached, and is usually temporary. These females are deemed as unicorns because they can be so rare to find, but also because they often only stick around for a brief encounter and then disappear. Are these almost mythical ladies welcome in the swinger community? In most cases, the answer is a resounding yes.

However, there are a few ground rules any wannabe unicorn should know.

As a unicorn, you will be an outsider at swinger meetings.

While rare and desirable, unicorns don’t always feel welcome right off the bat when they attend a swinger party or convention. This is because the group will widely consist of couples who may already have in mind to swap mates, and may even have a set couple in mind. It is a good idea to take along another unicorn friend just so you don’t feel like a lone wallflower and will be more likely to be approached by a couple looking to interact.

As a unicorn, you are the unattached third-party in a sexual relationship.

Unicorns are desirable in relationships because their purpose is to fulfill specific sexual fantasies. However, being a unicorn also means there are boundaries, and you should not expect to be invited to stick around for long-term interactions with the same couple. If you are invited into a couple’s bedroom, just know that your purpose of being there is primarily for their pleasure. While this can be pleasurable in itself, you must stay reserved with emotions and be willing to follow instead of lead in sexual activities.

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