Hi everyone

We hope everyone is safe and well as the countdown to parties and events looms ever closer.

As you are all aware we shall be returning with our events on Saturday 26th June with our Mid-Summer Ball at our new location, The Secret Lounge.

Over 60 guests have bought and paid for tickets, we will be capping this number at 70 guests so if you still wish to attend, please contact us immediately.

Yet, some people seem to think that we are an expensive option once clubs and parties are allowed to open. So, in true Meerkat style we thought we would go compare our parties to what our local competitors will be charging for membership and entrance fees.

Just to clarify our prices are: £25 per person, this includes unlimited soft drinks, full buffet, 7 hours of partying and you bring your own alcohol, and no membership fees, plus a whole lot more. We do have single gents attending but they will be attending with some single ladies or transgender guests.

Prices below are based on a Saturday night.

We have not mentioned single gents prices, simply because they already pay inflated prices which will continue to rise.

Penthouse Playrooms, formally Arousals, based in Dunstable.

Membership fees:

Couples: £25 per year

Single ladies: £15 per year

Entry fees: (26th June 2021)

Couples: £35

S/ladies: £15

Drinks: Fully licenced bar, No BYOB

So, guests (couples) attending for the first time on the 26th June will cost them £60 membership and entry before they even start paying for their drinks.

Single guys will need to take out a mortgage to attend this place.

VA2 or formally known as The Vanilla Alternative near Tempsford

Prices are not currently available, and they claim there are no membership fees

At their Bank holiday BBq last week, entry for a single gent was £30, two drinks and a bottle of water ended up costing £20, and the club is not open yet.

Chic Parties are having and event at VA2 soon …. Expect to pay £70 per couple entrance fee.

Remember they are fully licenced so no BYOB

Jaydees House Of Fun

This popular club (Converted barn) has always maintained that their prices should be affordable for all.

Before covid hit their prices were as follows


£10 per person for life (expect this to change when they reopen)

Entry fees

Couples: £25

S/ladies: Free

S/Guys: £25

This is a BYOB club

I suspect these entry fees may change once they plan to reopen in July.

Liberty Elite, Lutterworth

Prices are currently unavailable, so, these prices are loosely based on pre covid

Membership: £40 to £50 per year

Entrance fees:

£40 per couple

S/ladies: £20 per person

Fully licenced so no BYOB

A few other mentions should be AbFabs, Membership: £10 per year, Entrance fees: Couples £45, S/ladies: £10, Fully licenced so no BYOB. Purple Mamba, Membership: £40 per year, Entrance fees: Couples £35, S/ladies £10, Fully licenced so no BYOB.

So, you can imagine our bewilderment when we were told that our prices are a bit steep …. We personally feel our prices are very fair for couples. Yes, single ladies do pay more at ours than most other clubs, but we believe in fairness for all across the board, which also includes our transgender guests.

Single guys at these venues are going to get hammered on membership and entrance prices which means than either many will stay away, or it will attract the “entitled” single gents who we should all avoid.

Be assured, after covid, venues will be putting their prices up because costs like public liability insurance have doubled, that is if you can get it. Other essential costs have increased also, so do not be surprised if going to your favourite lifestyle club gets a bit more expensive from now on.

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