Swinging singles and swingers couples alike are missing their face-to-face playtime with their sexy time friends in the lifestyle. And let’s be honest, it’s not just swingers missing some action in the sheets. Getting intimate even with the one you love, live with or married to can feel a bit intimidating in the ‘new normal.

With the novel coronavirus, not even scientists really know the most effective pandemic sex rules. Even the World Health Organisation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have avoided offering any specific advice concerning intimacy and pandemic sex tips.

And we all know that the six feet apart tip isn’t going to cut it with live-in partners. With that in mind, let’s explore some common sense preventive measures and safe sex tips that might help avoid contamination or spreading of coronavirus.

Tip #1: Straight SeXXX is Supposedly Safe The concept and science purport that direct sex itself should be safe, as the primary contraction method is through cough and sneeze particulates in the air. As of yet, the virus has not been identified in fluid in the vagina, but it has been found in the fecal matter of infected persons.

However, things get complicated here. Unless you’re doing a Julia Roberts scene in Pretty Woman where she refuses to kiss ‘tricks.’ Pandemic sex rules recommend avoiding kissing, as the virus spreads through saliva and mucus, too.

Where does this leave us for oral encounters? The doctor is still out (or staying mum) on that one so far.

Tip #2: The Only ‘Safe’ Partner is YOU While this isn’t exactly the answer we all want to hear while cooped up in the house with our partner all day, this is just about the singular piece of advice that health officials are willing to solidly commit to.

However, there are some medical advisors that report that regular partners that are not symptomatic and are virus-free could be deemed fairly ‘safe’ for sexual activity. Some have even gone as far to say that sex might be okay with small circles of regular partners as long as they meet the ‘safe’ criteria, which is good news for swinging couples with set playmates.

Tip #3: Don’t Delve Into New Physical Relationships Right Now Well, this tip can be rationally arguable if you plan to start toying around with starting something new. After all, the pandemic won’t last forever and you’ll be an eager beaver to get back into the action. Surely, don’t go for any physical contact with a new interest. Instead, use The Playgrounds App to connect with other like minded others.

Be safe, but don’t deprive yourself of social contact with your peers as you have options and can manage to follow common sense in this time of isolation.

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