Crafting Your Sex Party Rules

You might be thinking, “We don’t need no stinking rules!” but give us a minute to explain.

Rules make it much easier on the host. Communicating to guests what is or is not allowed can save you a massive amount of hassle. Rules also make it more enjoyable for the guests. They don’t have to worry about guessing anything because you laid out the boundaries & expectations for the party.

The more people you invite, the more valuable rules become. So think about creating some rules & sending them to guests before the party & having them posted so they can review them when they arrive.

What Are Good Sex Party Rules?

Arrival Times –

How early can they show up & how late can they arrive? It is common for hosts to say the doors will be locked after a specific time, so the hosts don’t have to staff the front door all night.

Play Areas –

You probably want to keep the bodily fluids limited to certain parts of your house, so clearly label the rooms where it can happen & let guests know to keep it limited to those spaces. If you have more guests than play areas, you might want to set time limits so more people can use the play areas. Some parties even ask people to change the fitted sheet after playing as a courtesy for the next guest who will use the room.

Mobile Phones –

For privacy reasons, you might want to ban phones or only allow them to be used in whatever room you are storing the coats. Not everyone has common sense or the same concern over privacy. Best to play it safe.

Nudity –

Like the play areas, you probably want to set limits on where nudity is allowed & not allowed.

You probably don’t want anyone’s body part falling into the dip bowl, so clothes are often required in the food area. On the flip side, you might want to help the party roll along by setting establishing a dress-down time. It is common for parties to require everyone at a specific time, change out of their street clothes and get naked or switch to sexy underwear.

Consent –

You would think everyone knows to ask before doing anything, but some inexperienced rookies may need reminding. Also, if you have a group play/orgy area, people might be unclear how consent works in those areas. Are they granting 100% consent simply by entering the orgy space, or do they still need to ask verbally? So no one is offended or worse assaulted, set clear consent rules.

Windows –

This might sound like a weird one, but it is all about sounds. It is common to forbid opening windows at sex parties for fear of neighbours overhearing something they shouldn’t hear or breaking some noise ordinance that will lead to the police showing up. No one wants the police to show up when you are all naked, so keeping the windows closed is often very important.

Outdoor Areas –

Like the windows, you probably want to be careful about what can be heard or seen in the outdoor areas. You don’t want to create any drama with your neighbours. It is common to put large signs asking for people not to talk in the backyards. Keep the flirting & partying safely inside.

Hot Tub –

If you have a hot tub, are you comfortable with people using it? Can neighbours see it or overhear what is said? What if your guests want to bring their glass bottle in it or want to have sex in it or use it after sex without showering? Be clear about what is or isn’t allowed to save yourself headaches.

Spectating/Voyeurs –

Help your guests avoid offending anyone by clearly stating the rules of watching others. If a door is left open, can people stand in the doorway & watch, or is that only allowed in the group room? Even if it’s obvious, it is safer to remind everyone about this to ensure all guests respect each other.

Sloppy Drunks

If someone gets drunk (like puking or behaving poorly), they are sent home & banned from future parties. You can give a warning the first time & ban them the second time; it is up to you. This rule helps ensure the partying stays in the fun & sexy zone & well out of the sloppy zone.

No Driving

With ride services like Uber & Lyft, there is little reason to drive & it solves several issues. You don’t have to worry about guests drunk driving home or parking issues. Without 20 cars parked outside your house, it also is less likely to attract the attention of nosey neighbours.

STI Results –

This isn’t a standard rule, but we’re mentioning it because it is an important topic. Usually, party hosts leave this topic for their guests to discuss with each other. That avoids potential legal liabilities and privacy issues. Honestly, hosts already are overloaded handling too many other things. There is no reason to overmanage something that guests can handle between themselves.

Health Checks –

COVID made us all aware of ways that hosts can help protect attendees’ health. Some hosts require a temperature check with a contactless thermometer for all arriving guests. These health checks might not provide a 100% guarantee, but at the very least, they can make guests feel more comfortable knowing you are taking steps to protect them.

These are the more common rules. Of course, you can and should customise your own list of party rules to fit your situation better. Our point is that setting rules & communicating them helps everyone have a better time.

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