DIY Sexy Dare Game

Have new friends coming over? Already worried about an awkward transition from flirting to playing? We can help!

Here is our fan-favourite DIY Sexy Dare Game.

Follow these simple instructions to make the game at home. When your friends come over, do your host/hostess thing to make them comfortable, and when the time is right ask if they want to play.

Prep Work

Step 1 – Type your favourite dares* (see samples listed below) into a one-page document. Make sure to leave a couple of spaces between the dares. Step 2 – Take a manila folder (because it is sturdier than regular paper) and slice it in half. Step 3 – Manually feed half of the folder into your printer and print out your page. Step 4 – Slice the folder page into roughly equal-sized slivers with one sexy dare on each sliver. Step 5 – Place the slivers in a tall glass or a hat.


Step 6 – Get in a circle (alternating boy-girl). Take turns pulling out a dare from the glass. If someone is uncomfortable with the dare, you can let them pull out another one, to help keep everyone comfortable and happy. Step 7 – Whenever it gets too steamy to keep playing, pair off, and let the real play begin!

Sample Sexy Dares

  • Nuzzle the ear of the person to your right

  • Kiss the person to your left on their chest

  • Make out without your hands touching their body

  • Demonstrate your oral skills on the fingers of the person to your right

  • Choose someone to take off one article of your clothing. You choose the person, they choose the clothing.

  • Make out with a person of your choice. Lips only – no other body contact!

  • Take an article of clothing off someone

  • Make up a new dare for your partner

  • Kiss the inner thighs of a new friend for a minute or until they quiver

  • Give a lap dance to the person on your left for a minute or till they moan

  • Give 3 spanks to the person to your left or get spanked 5 times by the person to your right

  • Close your eyes & pick out your partner’s chest by just touching

  • Give a 30-second handjob, removing clothes is optional

  • Arouse your new friend without using our hands

  • Use a sex toy (on yourself or someone else) in front of the group

  • Have a three-way kiss

  • Watch the next round of dares without touching yourself

  • Lick whip cream off your favorite body parts

  • Pass a candy to your friend only using your mouth

  • Remove someone’s underwear without using your hands

  • Dry hump the person of your choice in your favorite position

  • Take a shower together

  • Pair off and see which couple can undress each other the fastest

  • Kiss their face without touching their lips

  • Do 15 seconds of your sexiest dirty talk to the person on your right

  • Grope your favorite body part of the person on your right

  • Close your eyes, have everyone line up in front of you. Identify your partner’s rear using just your hands.

*Try to include a range of dares – mix up the bold moves with some more conservative ones to be respectful of your guests’ comfort zones.

One of our readers suggested a great color-coding hack: create two (or more!) lists.

The manila folder list should be introductory type dares like “Give the person to your right a one-minute shoulder rub.”

Save the truly daring for your other list and print these on a coloured folder (we like red).

Having different colours gives you some flexibility to adapt to the heat level to suit you and your guests. You can start with the light stuff for a couple of rounds and add in the bolder ones once everyone is comfortable.

Or start with a mix – let everyone take a random slip or assign colours in any way you choose!

Just remember that swinger games are meant to help & not hinder. If things are heating up fast enough on their own, skip the games.

You don’t want anyone frustrated by a game intended to start the sexy fun to accidentally blocking the sexy play.

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