Foursomes ...

Learn what you need to know about Foursomes, 55% of Women And 85% Of Men Want Sex With Others.

Fantasies are part of every human being and being with more than one sexual partner without cheating your partner is possible with foursome. If your partner knows and shares the same feelings you both can enjoy it with another couple or persons. The idea of foursome is not something new, it existed from ancient times and recent studies say that more than 55% of women and 85% of men wants to have sex with persons other than their daily partners.

Foursome is one way to achieve that as it will please both men and women and being open about your fantasies with your partner and involving him/her will only strengthen the relationship as well.

The first thing is to find out that your partner is also comfortable with the idea of foursome and is interested about it as much as you are. If your partner is ready, you need to find the suitable other couple, who wants to have the same thing. Sex is a mental activity as much as it is physical, so if the other couple doesn’t share your idea of pleasuring each other, that might be a problem for you. When you find the other two persons who also have the same fantasy and has no problem with it, you are all set for having a good time. 

Foursome can be really exciting because you are entering into something which is taboo in the society’s eye. However this is not illegal and you are entering this fantasy with your partner so both of you can enjoy you fair share of sexual overdose. Get undressed and help each other along the way and that will be interesting because the number of partners you have increases by two. One thing you must keep in mind is about the sexuality you have. If you are bisexual or sometimes enjoy the people of same sex, you should let your partners know. 

After undressing, oral sex will help you get excited even more as you enjoy extra company. Make sure you are taking part in some activity by which you are pleasing someone. You will find yourself getting the pleasure back from your partners as well. Try to be in a position where you can pleasure more than one people at a time, like caressing someone while using your tongue for the other. You can enjoy yourself while give pleasure to some other person at the same time. This will give you a heightened feel of pleasure and ecstasy and enjoy your most.

Be creative, and take in as much joy you can gather while living your fantasy.

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