How Single Ladies Become Swingers

Are you a single lady that is interested in exploring your sexuality? Maybe you are horny and want to enjoy sex in a safe & supportive setting? Whatever your reason for being a single person in the swinging lifestyle, you are welcome to become one of the few, the proud, the “Unicorns” of the lifestyle. Unicorns can be straight, bisexual, or lesbian. As long as you are an unattached lady in the lifestyle, you qualify for unicorn status.

Before we get to the amazing benefits, let’s be honest that a unicorn’s life is not perfect or easy. You are in high demand, and that high demand can at times be a bit unpleasant with so many couples trying to find a swinging unicorn. Swinging couples can split up the screening workload, but single ladies need to do all the screening work by themselves. Besides assessing their attractiveness, you need to keep an eye out for some red flags.

Are the swingers approaching you for an equal threesome, or do they want to use you as a sex toy in their own fantasy? Are they mentally & emotionally strong enough so you won’t need to deal with jealous drama? Are the rules & play boundaries compatible with you, or do they want something unusual? Are they looking for a unicorn because the man is too insecure to let his wife play with another man? Does their position on girl/girl play match your comfort level? Are they open to helping you live out your sexual fantasies?

See, it isn’t easy being a unicorn out there.

Online Screening Tips for Unicorns

To make being a unicorn slightly more manageable, you might want to do a few things for your online profile. The etiquette books say you should be polite and respond to all messages, but that isn’t always realistic. Single women profiles can become overloaded with unsolicited messages.

To reasonably manage this, you might want to set a few extra rules they need to meet to earn a response from you, like…

  • Make all couples include pictures when contacting you.

  • State you will only respond to verified/certified profiles to ensure they are real and experienced.

  • Place limits on the acceptable age & geographic range.

  • Ask the lady to be available to voice verify to make sure she is comfortable with a threesome.

  • They need to be willing to meet for a coffee talk with no expectation for play so you can size them up together.

Setting up a few extra screening rules can help reduce your workload to have more time for your sexy female fun. If you are worried about safety, we have an article with plenty of safety tips for single women swinging. This is your swinging journey, so you can make up any rule that helps you better manage the situation and feel more comfortable.

In-Person Swinger Events

If you want to skip your online profile, single ladies are welcome to most live swinging events. As a matter of fact, it is often free or deeply discounted for single ladies. That does not mean it is easy for unicorns at live events. You still need to screen the swingers you meet, assuming other swingers will approach you. Huh? Unicorns have a reputation for being in high demand. It is possible interested couples won’t bother approaching a single woman because they might assume you aren’t available.

If you attend a live swinger event as a unicorn, you may need to make the first move. Don’t assume people will approach you. Other people might think your boyfriend is in the bathroom and wait for him to appear before approaching you. Other people might think you are already attached to another couple and not looking for fun. Another possibility is that the couple might assume you require bisexual swinger play and won’t play if the lady is straight. There are many reasons why other swingers might not be chasing after a sexy single female swinger at a live event, so you might want to be a bit outgoing and friendly towards the swingers that interest you.

Ok, so you are now being friendly and starting conversations that turn into sexy connections. Remember to go easy with the alcohol. You want to keep your wits sharp, so you can make sure to find the right situation that matches your desire.


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