While the swingers lifestyle in and of itself is an adventure, there often comes a time when mixing things up a bit can truly create opportunities for super sexy engagements.

Here are a few ideas for spicing it up at your next swinger couple gathering or party.

Who Holds the Key to Satisfaction?

While somewhat traditional historically, the art of the key party is often forgotten about as we get older. Bring the sexy back by letting fate decide everyone’s ‘date’ for the night.

The premise is simple: Keys are placed in a bowl, someone chooses a set, and the owner becomes their starting partner for playtime.

Make sure everyone is attracted to each other, and keep male and female key sets separate unless bi-sexual action is on the menu.

Costumed Coitus Masquerade

Swinger couples hosting a party might consider having a version of an Eyes Wide Shut Party, replete with costumes and masquerade masks. Not only are costumes fun and open up the doors for role play and fantasy, but masks can create a sense of mystery and wonder.

Even if everyone knows each other, the perceived anonymity often lets guests explore more freely. Most supplies are easy to find at party stores or online, and don’t forget extras for anyone who forgets their mask.

Do Play with Your Food

Mother always said “Don’t play with your food.” But we highly disagree with this, as food is fun and can be a great compliment to a sultry night of swinging action. Think beyond traditional toys and head to the kitchen to see what might be playtime ready.

We recently had our human food table at our Halloween party that went down a storm.

Produce such as cucumbers, carrots, and zucchini are popular choices that satisfy. Toppings, sweet sauces and fruits are exceptional bed buddies, and even ice cubes can be a remarkable addition to sex play.

Get the Group Involved

While some couples and their friends swap partners one at a time, why not get the group going with a gang bang or timed switch-up to make a ‘game’ of it. There can be a dedicated room set aside where people can join if so inclined without feeling pressured into group sex scenarios.

While everyone might not be into it, some people have their first group adventures within the comfort of like-minded friends in the comfort of a private home versus a sex club.

There are dozens of ways to embrace a greater sense of sensual adventure. It doesn’t need to be expensive or fancy to be a success, it just takes a bit of creativity and an open mind to boost excitement in your swingers community.

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