Rural Swinging Tips

Having adult fun while living in a small, rural town introduces extra challenges. Don’t worry! It’s still very possible and done successfully by many swingers!

Even here at The Secret Lounge we have been classed as rural, even though, Northampton is a half dozen miles down the road.

Here are some helpful tips to overcome hurdles that city-dwelling swingers might not face.

Adjusting Your Online Profile

You might not have a popular swinger website for your local rural area. If that is the case, consider joining Adult Friend Finder. It is not limited to swingers or hotwifing, and for many rural areas, it is often the most popular site to find sexy connections, especially with unicorns. The more sites you join, the more chances you will have to find a sexy connection, which isn’t always easy for rural swingers.

Swingers really value honesty in online profiles, but certain situations require a little bit of bending the truth – and that’s okay. Living in a tiny town and naming that town in your profile can reveal your identity. Most people reading your profile on swinger dating websites will be swingers. There isn’t too much to worry about unless a curious newbie couple checks it out and has a bad lifestyle experience. They might resort to outing other people, which isn’t right but has happened.

Be smart and protect yourselves. Instead of naming your tiny little town, consider a bigger town that you regularly visit. If other swingers reach out, you can meet up with them in the town you list on your profile. Likely you’ll be meeting other rural swingers who are doing the same thing so that they will understand your slight bending of the truth.

When writing your profile details, double and triple check to make sure you don’t accidentally list details that are too specific and can be traced back to you. There are some hateful people out there who enjoy causing trouble. God forbid an overly-religious person decides they are going to stalk local swingers and expose them. Thankfully these hateful people are rare, but you should still be smart and keep yourself safe.

Maximise Your Online Screening

Swingers are busy people just like everyone else, with work obligations, families to raise, and vanilla friends to visit. To save time, it’s smart to do a more thorough online screening. Living in a rural area means you often have to drive many hours back & forth to meet a new couple. That’s a big-time investment! Give yourselves the best chances of success. Don’t let your excitement take over and agree to a real-life meeting too quickly.

Take the time to really check out their swinger profile. Many profiles can be light on information, so feel free to ask a few lifestyle questions. What is their overall experience level in the lifestyle? What are they looking for? Do they like the same things as you? Do they have any personal play rules? Do these play rules match up with your rules? Make sure to chat with both the guy and the girl to make sure there is a four-way connection. You don’t want to drive out to meet a new couple and find out that one of them is not interested in swinging. There are mobile messaging apps that can be a great way to anonymously chat, talk, and share sexy pics to jump-start a fun, flirty connection with the other couple.

Playing With Out of Towners

To further protect your swinging secret, you can choose to only play with visiting swingers. If you live in a small town, you can pick the biggest city near you and seek out visiting swingers in that city.

If you check out swinger websites, you can find swingers visiting your nearby city and are looking to play. This will help insulate you from local swingers who may accidentally expose your secret. That doesn’t usually happen, but you never know what will happen if someone drinks too much. Mistakes happen, and vanilla people might overhear something or see something they shouldn’t, and you can be outed as a swinger.

Playing with tourists also comes with some great side benefits. The first benefit is that tourist swingers have hotel rooms where you can play. Another benefit is that you don’t have to worry about the visiting swingers developing romantic attachments or becoming totally creepy clingers.

If you like chasing long odds, then you can also buy a pair of black rings. Some swingers wear a black ring on the right hand as a secret signal to other swingers. Honestly, very few swingers do this. Many swingers have no clue what a black ring means other than the person likes black jewellery!

Playing on holiday

Swinging can be harder for people in rural towns. There can be a smaller pool of sexy people. You may need to drive a long way to meet potential partners. It can be costlier since you might have to buy gas and more frequently get a hotel room.

Sometimes, swinging locally is too much of a hassle, and you might want to limit your play to vacation time. There are many great swinger-friendly resorts like Hedonism, Desire, and Temptation. There are also swinger takeovers on cruise ships, like Bliss Cruise.

You can also arrange city breaks to cities with awesome swinger clubs or big hotel takeover parties. This will help protect your small-town reputation and keep you scandal-free. It also removes the hassle of trying to find another attractive couple in your rural area. You might not be able to play as often as you prefer, but playing only on vacation will give you a chance to maximize the fun and minimize the hassle of rural town swinging.

Underground Secret Groups

The struggle is real in rural areas. The good news is you are not alone. There are many others in similar situations. There is usually an underground network of open-minded people in most rural areas.

These networks are often prudent and overly cautious in bringing in new people. They typically wait to invite a new member until they have developed a drama-free and discreet reputation. Relax and don’t worry. If there is an underground group in your local rural area, they will contact you when they are ready. Till they do, focus on being a good partner for your special someone and enjoy whatever sexy bonus comes along.

It can be frustrating and maybe even lead to fights as you try to enjoy rural swinging but encounter struggles. You will often work a bit harder to find a sexy connection. Sometimes you might come close to success only to find that one of you isn’t happy with some small detail and is unwilling to lower your standards. Be careful not to let your frustrations boil over.

Remember, this is all just a bonus to your amazing relationship.

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