The Art of Sexting: Taking pictures like a pro

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

So, you’ve been flirting with someone for a while now and you’re dying to spice things up (in other words, get a lil’ nakey over text). With the right person, sexting is amazing! Of course, you don’t want your nudes to end up in the wrong hands, so it’s best to take precautions.

That being said, there are a few ways you can protect yourself while still having plenty of images to store in your wank bank.

Here’s how to take sexy nudes safely!

1. Make sure you trust the person. 

Snapchat is pretty much the go-to for sexting since pics and texts disappear after they’re sent. And even if the recipient screenshots anything, you’ll get a notification.

Harmless, right? Not exactly.

Just because you’re notified if someone saves your pics, it doesn’t mean the recipient will actually care that you know (or that they don’t have some way to get around it).

Trust is essential. If you can’t say with 100% certainty that you are comfortable with someone storing your pic somewhere forever, don’t send it! 

While trusting a person doesn’t guarantee that they’ll be decent, at least it will help filter out some of the douche-bags.

2. Get permission first.

Don’t be THAT person. You know, the one who gets a “hey” and somehow thinks that translates into “show me your dick.”

It’s never ever – EVER – attractive or okay.

Even if you’ve been “talking” for a while and things seem to be getting heated, you still want to shoot the person a heads-up to make sure they want it and are in a good place to receive it (it’s called NSFW for a reason guys).

It should go without saying, but always ask permission!

3. Take it slow.

Sexting is fun because of the anticipation.

You want to start with something simple. A shot of cleavage and a message like “Hey you” is a good start because it makes your intentions clear in an exciting way without being too much.

Always go three times slower than you think you should. Make them want it.

4. Ask questions.

Asking sexy questions is a great way to engage the other person and to provoke their fantasies. It’s helpful to come up with some before-hand.

Here are a few to get you started:

“What do you want to see?”

Tell me about your favorite fantasy.

“How do you want to play with me?”

“What would you like me to do to you?”

5. Don’t be afraid to crop.

Don’t EVER feel obligated to show your face — or identifying features like a tattoo — in a sext, no matter how close or intimate you are with the recipient. Even if they don’t plan on doing anything sketchy with your pics, that doesn’t mean they won’t down the line (or that the pics won’t end up in someone else’s hands).

That being said, it can be really sexy to send pics that don’t “give it all away,” especially as a form of foreplay.

For ladies, that could mean a simple booty shot in your favorite sexy pair of undies. For guys, it could mean a concealed crotch shot when you get hard (just remember steps one and two above).

Get creative with it!

6. Play with different angles.

When it comes to sexting, visuals are everything – and there are specific erogenous zones that should be the focus of your pics. That’s the lips, neck, chest, thighs, midriff, butt, feet, and pelvic area.

When you’re taking photos, think about it as if the other person were actually there. What angle would they love to see each area from? For example, a bust snap from above is always sexy.

Try playing with different angles before sexting so you can get comfortable with it. You can even stock up a library of your best shots for later use if you’re not ready to do it in-the-moment!

7. Chill.

Posing is often the hardest part of taking sexy pics. The reason?

You’re trying too hard.

The whole point of sexting is to have fun! Natural is always better, and that comes with having a good time.

So chill out. Do some deep-breathing and affirmations.

You’re doing great.

And remember that anyone who agrees to sext with you is lucky to get a shot of your left calf – you never have to go further than feels absolutely comfortable!

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