The benefits of partner swapping with older couples

While many newcomers to the swinging lifestyle automatically assume that everyone in the scene is young, nothing could be further from reality. In fact, the swingers lifestyle is enjoyed by adventurous individuals of all ages including seniors! So, while actively seeking out a ‘cougar couple’ to play with may never have crossed your mind, perhaps these benefits of doing so will convince you to expand your horizons between the sheets.

Senior Swinger Couples Have Their ‘Act’ Together

And by ‘act’ we mean that older couples tend to bring less drama into these types of situations. There is typically little to no aura of jealously between them, and they will likely have been in the lifestyle for some time and understand the ‘rules.’ Case in point, if you want to have a good time and perhaps even learn more about sex in the golden years, partners swapping with a senior couple could meet—and even exceed—those needs.

Older Men and Women Make Great Lovers

Clearly these couples will have more sexual experience than younger couples, and even if they don’t they seem to understand how to offer pleasure to partners. Often, some swingers avoid older couples for two reasons: intimidation and fear. After all, it might be a bit frightening to see with you own eyes what happens to the human body as it ages. In reality, this is a great time to become more comfortable with your own body, because let’s face it—you will get old, too!

With these benefits in mind, go ahead and enjoy the swingers lifestyle to the fullest by including an array ages when choosing swinger partners. You might even discover that you prefer senior partners after a few incredible experiences with more experienced couples in the swinging lifestyle

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