The bizarre would of extreme cuckolding

Extreme Cuckolding is one of the most bizarre kind of fetishes you will ever hear. Most people find it even difficult to believe that it exists in reality, but it is actually a very popular kind of sexual fetish practiced by many couples. In order to know more about the bizarre world of extreme cuckolding, read the following paragraphs.

Here, a couple arranges another guy to have sex with the wife, while the husband just watches them enjoying sex. There are three parties involved here. However, it is not a threesome. The husband is not involved in the sex. He just sits back and watches, as his wife has sex with the other guy. The other guy involved can be anyone, he can be chosen by either the husband or the wife. In case the wife always wanted to have sex with a specific guy, then she can choose that guy as well.

It is basically a form of sexual fetish, where people take pleasure from receiving pain. However, the pain involved here is not physical. It is the mental pain. Seeing your wife having sex with another guy right in front of you will surely affect you mentally. The sex is also not risk free. He knows, that there is a probability that his wife will get pregnant in extreme cuckolding. However, the guy still enjoys this mental pain. He enjoys the feeling of being cheated by his wife.

However, in most cases, the wife enjoys the situation. In spite of being in a committed relationship, many women has the desire of experiencing sex with another guy. Plus, you don’t have the guilty feeling, because technically you are not cheating your husband. She also gets to be the center of attention. Most women are happy to make their man feel jealous.

Before entering into a extreme cuckolding relationship, most couples generally discuss with each other, whether it will work for them or not. Many times, couples also enter a cuckolding relationship after a real life incident. For example, when a guy catches his wife having sex with another guy, then instead of stopping it, he actually encourages his wife to continue the sex. However, extreme cuckolding relationship is definitely not for all kinds of couples. Many guys will not be able to get over the jealousy, and will be affected mentally. Many women also won’t be comfortable having sex with another guy.

However, for those couples who are mentally strong and trusts each other completely, extreme cuckolding relationship will make the bond much stronger. For the right kind of couple, it can lead to a very exciting sex life and an extremely strong relationship.

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