The Rabbit Hole: Where Our Sex Fantasies Lead Us Most of the Time

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Sexual fantasies are common and known to everyone. Both women and men have their own ideas of amazing sex, but not everyone can actually fulfill them in real life. Some leave these pictures only to their imagination; others prefer to realize whatever comes to their mind.

Having steamy and twisted thoughts is not something anyone should be ashamed of. Actually, by talking about it more, we can keep it from staying taboo. Everyone has fantasies, and our thoughts will wander, which is perfectly normal. Those may be thoughts of having sex in an extraordinary place, ordering sex toys from, and many other kinky ideas.

What's essential for those in relationships is that their partners won't judge them for having those thoughts or even would be happy to try out some things in the future. Singles could sure do without the social stigmatization and stereotyping.

Everyone has the right to a vivid imagination, and as soon as it leads us to discover what we enjoy, there is no reason to stop it. Sexual desire is an important issue to all of us, and our dirty thoughts can only make our sex lives better. So, where do they most often lead us to?

Multipartner Sex

Threesomes and orgies are in the minds of many. Trying to invite another person into your bed can be an exciting idea that more than one person that would like to use to spice up their sex lives. In this case, if the person in a relationship wants to try something like this for the first time, they require their partner's consent.

If there is no consensus and the other person is not on board with such an idea, then most often, the fantasies remain in the imagination sphere. However, it does happen that someone gives up loyalty in order to satisfy their desires.

Homoerotic Sex

As it may be something normal to some people, for others, it may be quite surprised when they find out that they would like to have sex with someone of the same gender. It is worth remembering that having this fantasy is not necessarily questioning your sexual orientation. It is only testing the boundaries of your imagination, which can be extremely appealing and exciting.

Some are afraid to try homoerotic sex for the first time because the new and unknown things may seem scary to them. However, it can't be missed that breaking a taboo and escaping society pressure is exciting to many people. It is worth noting that having a same-sex partner can tell us a lot about our bodies and what moves we enjoy the most. Testing sex toys and getting to know your partner's body, apart from the great fun, also brings knowledge about things that may be stimulating for you.

Rough Sex

Oscar Wilde once said, "Everything in the world is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power." It is true, as millions of people around the world are excited about chains and whips. After having sex with multiple partners at once, BDSM (practices involving bondage, discipline, dominance, and submission) makes for the second most popular sexual fantasy.

BDSM is one of those sexual fantasies that require two different approaches from a couple. One of the partners has to be in control, and the other has to be submissive. These roles can be taken by both a woman and a man. Often a person who has a lot to control outside the bedroom is keener to the idea of being sexually submissive inside it.

Rush for the Adventure

Fantasies about having sex in new locations are also very common. It is often the desire to spice up the history of their sexual conquests a bit that makes people decide to have fiery sex on the beach or incorporate new activities like anal or oral sex. This is the perfect way to bring the fire into your relationship after days without intimacy.

New places are exciting for fresh couples, but also for those who have been in a relationship for many years. Such an adventure is always a new story that can be remembered later together.


It's important to remember that things like sexual fantasies are completely natural to every human being, and everyone has the right to have them. Whether it is group sex, BDSM, or with someone of the same gender, both men and women should freely express their thoughts and know that these fantasies are a chance to enrich their sex life significantly.

You don't always need to implement them in real life. After all, there may be a lack of courage or simply a possibility (e.g., consent of the other partner). However, even without realizing these wildest ideas, one can be satisfied. It is enough to have them in mind and bring them to your partner step by step. Communication is everything, especially when it comes to having fun!

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