The concept of mastering orgasm control has mystified men for centuries, just as many women have chased the dream of having them upon command. However, how does one achieve this goal? Can it be done alone or only with a partner?

We’ll answer these burning questions and much while discussing the art of edging, which is the sexual practice of metaphorically taking yourself to the ‘edge’ of orgasms before allowing yourself to climax.

Why do this?

Well, here are three reasons to give edging—aka peaking or surfing—a try.

1. Learn to Achieve Orgasms When You Most Desire

Women achieve orgasm when masturbating well over 90% of the time, and learning to hold back on allowing themselves to get to that magical point can actually give them greater control over the ability to have them whenever they desire.

One need not be swinging or even involved in the lifestyle—or even have a partner for that matter—to take advantage of this benefit of edging. Men, on the other hand, can use this technique to prolong orgasms. This is not only to provide greater pleasure to partners, but it will ultimately give him more intense feelings during each sexual practice.

2. Boost Body Confidence and Awareness for Greater Sexual Satisfaction

Sexual dysfunction is becoming more common in men and women of all ages for an array of reasons, and this isn’t limited to those in the swingers lifestyle. Many women and men feel extremely uncomfortable talking with partners or physicians about sexual issues, but through edging with partners or with yourself, you can become more confident in discussing sex.

Sound crazy? In a way, it is simply psychological, but edging can help you better understand yourself in ways that will ensure a healthier sex life filled with greater pleasure.

You need not be involved in the lifestyle or swinging at all to enjoy the perks of adopting this sexual practice into your solo, partner or group routines.

Regardless of results, you’re sure to find the experience of delayed orgasm somewhat succulent.

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