The mystery of being in an open relationship is what attracts most couples to the lifestyle. Most couples get into the swinger lifestyle out of curiosity. They indulge their curiosity by watching videos together or by sharing wild fantasies with each other. Gradually, the interest grows, and some decide to begin their journey to become swinger

Swapping Partners with Close Friends

Swapping a partner with a close friend is something that needs to be weighed carefully. Although it may seem like the best way to get into the swinger lifestyle, you should be very careful on how you approach your friends with such a touchy subject. You may want to feel them out by gradually introducing the topic to hear their views on such a lifestyle before approaching them on the subject. Sometimes, it is better to consider other options.

The main thing that drives people to swap partners with close friends may be due to familiarity. Swinging with strangers may be too much for some couples who are trying to get into the lifestyle. They may have had fantasies for a long time with close friends that they would like to explore. Besides that, it is quite easy to access and connect with close friends as oppose to strangers you meet at a bar or on a website.

It is not always a good idea to swing with close friends. If the swinging does not go well, you should be prepared for the potential loss of a friendship. If there are hard feelings, or if someone gets jealous and have a hard time overcoming their jealousy, you should be prepared to part ways. Besides that, you may have to see these people again, which could lead to mental torment.

The other issue is the emotional connection you already have. If you have had any ill feelings towards a friend, they will be heightened after the swinging session. It is also worth noting that friendships are not permanent. If you fall out with friends, they may decide to tell disclose the information publicly.

Most people would agree that it is just wrong to swing with friends.

Although you may want to try your close friends first for a way into the lifestyle, it is best to visit a swinging site and get your feet wet that way. Most of the sites allow you to stay anonymous and you would not need to use any personal information to get an account created.

That way, you can explore the lifestyle at your own pace.

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