When’s Too Old To Start Swinging?

Mature couples that are curious about swinging often wonder “Am I too old to start swinging?”’, “Will I enjoy it?”, and, “Will my partner enjoy it as well?”. Age can seem like a very important screener to the swinging world but the reality is that there are many sexy mature & senior swingers in the lifestyle.

There is no age that is too old to start swinging!

A big reason why there tends to be more older adults starting to swing than young adults is that the young adults are busy raising their babies and mature couples gain free time & money as their children grow up and move out.

It is very common for mature adults to have a sexy renaissance and feel more confident with their new-found sense of freedom that they choose to start swinging. Mature swingers might not have youthfulness but they do have more disposable income and free time so they can hire a personal trainer to get into better shape, buy sexy clothes that are tailored to best highlight them, and sometimes even visit a plastic surgeon to help turn back the clock. All of this is possible because the mature swingers aren’t spending as much time or money on their grown-up children. There is now a good bit of energy and time that can be redirected into exploring sexy desires.

Take it slow

If the idea of swinging makes you feel comfortable, then why don’t you talk to your partner and set some realistic rules about how you feel? You can take small steps and research the swinging lifestyle together.

Understandably, one of you may be feeling like you are too old to start in this lifestyle, but the lifestyle is very welcoming of all ages. Of course, you might not feel comfortable playing with people the same age as your kids (and they might not want to play with people the same age as their parents) but the great thing about the lifestyle is that it is so big & welcoming.

If you look around you can find swingers closer to your age who have plenty in common with you!

Attending Swinger Parties

Doing research and taking it slow is good advice as it will give you an idea of what it is like. When you are ready to have fun, attend a swinger event or a swinger resort, and see how things unfold. See how you feel, connect with others, and try to look for positive things that will reassure you why you are there. And if you find something or someone you are really into then try to find a way to talk and connect with them.

Online people tend to focus more on reasons to say no as they screen through so many profiles, so you might be screened out simply because of your age. At real-life events, people tend to focus more on reasons to say yes because having sexy fun is … well fun. Age becomes more of a useless number at real-life events and how you look & flirt becomes much more of a critical influencer. There is no reason to feel insecure about swinging with younger swingers. We have seen many 60-year-old swingers that looked younger & sexier than 40-year-old swingers because they do a great job taking care of themselves and presenting themselves in the sexiest way.

So can you!

Age vs. Maturity

When you are in this lifestyle you will eventually meet someone a bit younger than you and your partner. When that happens you should remember that there is a difference between age and maturity. There are people in their 20s that have a very solid relationship and are very interesting to talk to and see how they deal with being in the swinging scene.

At the same time, there are couples in their 40s, 50s, or even 60s who don’t know each other well enough, even though they have spent an important amount of time together.

When you decide you want to start swinging with your partner you will soon realize that age doesn’t become a prerequisite in this sexy lifestyle among consenting adults. If you are in your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, or even senior swingers in their 70s and you are interested in swinging then join the swinging lifestyle.

With Viagra and ED pills, there have been countless mature couples that have entered the lifestyle. You are never too old to start swinging!

Still, thinking you’re too old to start swinging?

  • You could try to change your wardrobe. Try to choose fresh and current outfits that will embrace your figure.

  • Present yourself in a sexy way and feel confident about it.

  • Spend some time in the gym and work out. Having a healthy and fit body will boost your self-esteem as well.

  • Understand that there are many shapes and forms when it comes to human bodies & they are all sexy.

  • If you consider yourself a ‘’senior swinger’’, reach out to other senior swingers and have fun with them.

  • Be proud of your body and let partners know of any physical limitations that won’t work with certain positions.

  • Practice safe sex while swinging, and learn about the latest methods.

  • Focus on making yourself sexier for each other, you don’t even have to swing with other couples.

Swinging Lifestyle is Ready to Welcome You

Swingers understand that none of us can control our age and we don’t need to control it. As we get older we also gain sexy experience and knowledge which is something to celebrate.

The more you connect with people in the lifestyle, the more you will realise that it is a truly positive and supportive community open to all respectful & consenting adults.

Having a clear understanding of what sex positivity is, you will realize that your age doesn’t matter, if you want to swing then you are never too old to do so!

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