Why Swinging Attracts Older People

It’s a fact – we all have sex. That includes mature retired seniors who are very capable of having high sex drives, still be curious, and interested in sexual experimenting. Sexy seniors are staying sexually active for longer, due to the several reasons including the availability of sexual performance drugs & the normalization of senior sex (and all sex, really) in the media. There are dating websites that are designed for single seniors and even entire online communities of seniors that participate in BDSM, polyamory, and swinging.

Swinging in particular is becoming more and more popular in the older community. There are various studies on the subject and the results are somewhat varied, but the number of swingers in the United Kingdom is estimated to be somewhere close to a million.

Why do mature people start swinging?

After 50 years of marriage, a monogamous relationship or conventional sex life may have lost its shine. Swinging is a great way to spice up your sex life and explore outside of your existing relationship, while still keeping your significant other involved. You are able to add some sexy spice without losing your special someone.

It’s common for relationships to be ruined when one party strays and has an affair, often claiming they were bored with their marriage. Swinging is a much healthier alternative that maintains honesty and open communication, which is essential to any relationship’s success!

The swinger community is known for being particularly open minded and inclusive, which makes it easy for newbies of any age to get involved. Everyone is welcome and there’s no pressure to have sex immediately, or even at all. Swingers socialise just as anyone would at a regular bar. They chat and get to know a potential partner, and go to bed if both parties are interested.

It’s normal for swingers to attend a sexy party and go home without participating in anything more than a friendly chat, especially for first-timers. The more often people attend parties at the same location, or frequent the same clubs, the more they connect with people that they recognize, and often make friends. Swinging is social! Generally, it’s designed to be discrete if not anonymous, but this comes down to personal preference – you’re welcome to share as much or as little as you like.

Older swingers don’t all come into the game as newbies. Some couples get into swinging in their younger years and do not want to give it up as they age, and nor should they have to! No one is ever too old to swing, and there’s no rule book that says you have to adapt your sexual lifestyle just because you’re getting older.

Especially for those that swing regularly from a younger age, it’s easy to grow and adapt in the community over time without feeling much change, or even feeling “older”. They might still continue to frequent the same clubs, and swing with younger couples, or drift to couples their own age. There really is something for everyone.

How do couples find swinger parties?

It might seem easier for the younger generation to find like minded swingers, especially with the invention of hook-up apps. And sure, there may be fewer senior couples to choose from those apps. The best place to find senior swingers is to join the popular swinger dating site for your local area.

Making an online profile on dedicated a swinger site helps to attract the right match for you. Being able to make customized bios to share a little bit about you is a plus; it means swingers can skip the small talk and get down to describing what they’re after right away. It also maintains a high level of anonymity until you’re ready to share more information or meet up.

Are mature people fit for swinging?

Seniors don’t lose their sex appeal just because they’re aging – look at Pierce Brosnan or Jane Fonda! Most swinger’s events host people from all ages, and some younger swingers say they prefer to swap partners with people 50+ because they’re more experienced.

Erectile dysfunction among swingers can be a hurdle to overcome for some men, but Viagra is a quick and common solution for most. Seniors are still able to swap between different positions and climax, especially for those that keep fit. There are also options with sex toys that can explored as well.

Retirement gives individuals a new sense of freedom. Some people take up knitting, some people take up swinging. Now that the children are out of the house, and there are no professional responsibilities to consider – it’s the perfect time to try something new.

The key to swinging is staying open and honest with your partner, which is easier for couples that have been together a long time, or people who enter in to a new relationship being open about their desire to try swinging.

All in all, most couples claim swinging strengthens their relationship. The ability to feel free of boundaries and be able to have experiences with new people while still staying connected to their partners, makes most couples rave about the decision. You’re as young as you feel!

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