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Club Reviews & Verifications From Guests at The Secret Lounge

Here is our latest selection of comments, feedback, verifications & club reviews. All comments on here are written by guests who have attended our various parties over time.

We have had no influence in any of the comments that follow.

Enjoy x

jsn8585 (37), Couple on 12 March 2023 by Meeting in person:

Our first visit to Playgrounds on Saturday went swimmingly. The hosts themselves are absolute gems and a total credit to the scene. The team they have are absolute stars. We felt at ease the minute we walked in! Tour of the house and areas. The venue itself is lovely, and the party vibe was just amazing. We can see ourselves becoming regulars here. It's an A* party and one nobody should miss, the best party we have attended by miles. Can't wait for the next one, guys! X

KERMIE71 MORGONIGHT (51), Couple on 12 March 2023 by Meeting in person:

We attended the Playgrounds again last night xx such a fantastic venue , staff always give you a warm welcome as soon you step through the door. Brilliant improvements made upstairs and made at ease instantly so comfortable. Fantastic events and such a friendly bunch that attend and enjoy seeing old and making new friends xxx always will be attending this venue as really enjoy the atmosphere. To the whole team behind the scenes a big well done xx keep up the good work xx Shaz n Gaz xxx

Wicked Jezebel (44), Woman on 12 March 2023 by Meeting in person:

What an absolute gem! I wasn't sure what to expect and I'm so glad I attended the Curvalicious party tonight. The team are so welcoming and work hard to put on a fun night. The venue is really lovely, plenty of rooms to socialise and play. The guests were great, a really good crowd of people on the same wavelength. Looking forward to returning when the weather is a bit warmer so the outdoors can be enjoyed :) Thank you to The Playgrounds for your hospitality xxx

Lillith and Freak (49), Couple on 1 February 2023 by Meeting in person:

To be honest, we were not sure what to expect with this event as we are not really from a swinging background, but from a BDSM/FETISH one. We were only really attending due to their Back Lash Barn BDSM area, but we were informed that due to the cold weather it would not be open. But what the hell we thought we would try it anyway for the experience. We have to say we were very surprised. Beautiful location (more like a house party) and some amazing sexy people. We even managed a small amount of BDSM play, but the ceiling were far to low to start swinging the big hitty things about. So yes we did have a amazing night after all. We will be back in the summer when it’s warmer and we can make full use of the barn. Mistress Lillith & Miss Jinx

SARAANDWILLIAM (55), Couple on 12 March 2023 Club Review:

This was our first visit to Curvalicious and our first experience at a lifestyle party. We were unsure of what to expect and how we would find the whole event, but it did not take long for us to get comfortable and to find some time to play with others and each other. The venue was really homely and especially the log fire in the social lounge. Upstairs was a treat with some well equipped and nice play rooms. We didn't get the chance to go for a dip in the jacuzzi, 40°C would have been amazing to dip into. The staff were very nice and made us both feel at ease very quickly and nothing seemed like too much trouble. Everyone we met at the event were lovely and we are looking forward to playing with more of you again soon.

tempest2k (45), Man on 12 March 2023 Club Review:

Well, what can I say, other than The Playgrounds is a fantastic venue, with great owners, exciting parties, friendly guests, and a whole loads of sexy shenanigans! Easily one of my favourite and safest places to visit for private house parties, and I'd highly recommended you try it out for yourself.

Tina Vonteese (59) Trans on 3rd February 2023 Club Review:

Yes I know I've been a few times and I'm so lucky to be allowed to be accepted there as a regular!

It's intro can't be changed in relation to its location it's not in London area unless you own very fast invisible car that's immune to speed cameras . Or own a private helicopter! Mind you loads of space in 40 acres to land one !

Seriously though a dedicated private house party in a gorgeous venue with a lovely team who get the scene ...

It's a match made in heaven in a Northamptonshire.. as for the rest look and contact . Fear not the dynamics of the night and guest list management is superb to ensure a perfect mix .. newbies to old school experienced people and total diversity and inclusion all included to make a perfect mix every time...

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