Six Reasons Why Younger Men Love Older Women

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

The older woman/younger man relationship is desirable for a multitude of reasons. Once a man has dated or had sex with someone older, he tends to have a preference towards that dynamic. These relationships can last a few days or years, but rarely are they remembered as anything but positive experiences. Here’s why:

1. Confidence

The most appealing trait in anyone is self-confidence. Many older women have developed their own sense of style, and after years of growth both mentally and physically they’re comfortable in their own skin. This is of utmost importance when attracting someone whether it’s in a personal or business relationship. An older woman has gone through different life passages and by now she knows who she is and what she wants. Frequently she’s financially independent and streetwise. Younger men want to be with her because of the positive energy she emits. Her self-assurance will have a reciprocal effect on the man too. He’ll gain maturity by being in the relationship. This will help build his character and make him feel good about himself.

2. Knowledge About Sex and Life

Older women have years of sexual experience with men of all ages. She’s had a lot of practice whether it was with multiple partners or one man. Being with a woman who can teach the younger guy a few new tricks is extremely alluring, especially to those who haven’t had many partners or experiences. The older woman knows her own body and what turns her on. She has the owner’s manual and shares it willingly with her partners. She’s self-aware and knows what she wants in and out of the bedroom. An older woman may have discovered what her passions are, and will likely help guide the younger man to follow his gut. She’ll teach him to avoid listening to the naysayers. Older women are great teachers. The younger man will be comfortable discussing career and life goals with a woman who’s eager to share her life wisdom.

3. No Game Playing

Older women are done playing games. They are straight shooters and will be honest about what they want in the relationship and what they won’t accept. They’ll answer phone calls and texts without waiting days to respond like their younger counterparts. They will demand respect from the younger man because they respect themselves. An older woman will tell the guy what’s on her mind instead of making him try to guess what she’s thinking. Typically the younger guy won’t need to worry about pregnancy prevention since the older woman will be equally concerned having already had her own children. He will come to expect future women of any age to be more mature and responsible.

4. Communication

One of the most desirable aspects to having sex with an older woman is that she’ll express what she wants. A younger less experienced woman may worry that if she shares her desires, she may lose the man. She may be embarrassed to tell a guy what turns her on sexually. Older women communicate their desires without hesitation. An older woman won’t expect the guy to have ESP, and will express her needs rather than make him try to read her mind. She’ll ask him to openly share what he likes in bed and in the relationship. The older woman won’t shy away from offering advice on personal hygiene. She’ll encourage him to dress like a man – not a boy. This will spill over into other areas of his life, as he gets encouragement from people about his “new look.”

5. Freedom

The younger man can be free to be himself with an older woman. He won’t need to impress her with a fake bravado the way he might think a younger woman would expect. He’s with the older woman for companionship and sex without worrying that she wants something more – like marriage. He feels nurtured and cared for by her, and doesn’t feel the demands of taking care of the younger more “needy” girl. This works well for the guy who’s concentrating on finding his passion and/or career. As previously stated, older women don’t want to start new families and this takes the pressure off the younger guy. He can be with her when he wants and their aren’t any obligations other than to have fun. Once the relationship is over, the resulting friendship may continue to last throughout their lifetimes.

6. Game Changer

The younger guy may receive a great ego boost knowing that a hot older woman finds him desirable. The older woman will come to expect a certain amount of emotional maturity, which if achieved, will have a great effect on the younger man’s confidence with all women. His friends may originally question the relationship but ultimately envy him. After gaining self-awareness and knowledge about what women want, in the future the younger guy will be comfortable being in relationships with women of all ages. Some guys may end up finding their life partner in the older woman, whereas others may move on to be with women their own age or younger.

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