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Swinging is a fantasy in and of itself to many people. More frisky individuals than you know are highly turned on to the concept of getting freaky with multiple partners—even if they won’t admit it!

Let’s get down and dirty with some of the top swingers fantasies that couples are into.

1. Having the Ultimate Orgy

Some swingers fantasies sway into the concept of having several people participating in sexual activities in the same room, at a home swingers party or an hotel takeover. This allows them to indulge in a variety of fetishes such as voyeurism, gang bangs, dark room orgies among other taboo situations. Beyond being the centre of attention of many, you’ll learn new techniques and quite a bit about yourself during an orgy gathering at a lifestyle event.

2. Control and BDSM

BDSM is a remarkable way for swinging couple to explore certain fantasies that they may have been interested in exploring but have been holding back for one reason for another. Exploring power dynamics and control is a tremendous turn on and gives participants a chance to further explore these fantasies through role playing. Some in a position of power may want to experience a bit of role reversal to free their mind from that daily grind and become a sexual submissive. Some couples may also derive great pleasure from pain and seek to explore Sadism and Masochism fantasy.

Some ways to bring BDSM fantasy to life include:

  1. Tie up your partner with rope or restrain them with handcuffs.

  2. Whip and spank your partner with toys and tools.

  3. Put your partner on a harness or leash and boss them around privately or publicly to humiliate them.

3. Trying Novelty Locations

There’s something about “getting caught” having sex in a public place or just getting it on at new private places tend to add some freshness and excitement to some couple sex life. Thinking outside the box with a long-time partner can bring some life back into sexual playtime. Try unusual locations like the kitchen counter, the bathroom, on the washing machine, in the car or take a sexy camping trip. These could be some exciting new places to create new adventures.

4. The Extreme Taboo and Forbidden Fantasies

Lifestyle fantasies are all about embracing forbidden thoughts and making them a reality. After all, desire is magnified when there’s an opposing force saying, “You can’t have it!” Some ideas to consider are double penetration and water sports. Engaging in exhibitionism and voyeurism on live with other couples on a swingers website or making a home movie can bring years of excitement and can be shared with lifestyle friends.

5. Gender Bending & Sexual Fluidity

Most men and women have wondered what it feels like to be the other gender. Those who have stuck with the typical role of the assigned sex might be fascinated at the idea of taking on the other role. Male partners can don items that are traditionally feminine, such as dresses, wigs, pantyhose or bras. Women can don their partners’ work boots, vests, ties and other goodies to reverse the roles. Try a fantasy scenario where a predominantly hetero has sex with the same gender at their partner’s command.

Regardless of the fantasy you try next in the swingers lifestyle, remember to play safe, have a conversation first and most importantly — have fun!

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