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Bisexual couples benefit from participating in the swingers lifestyle. Because both parties are interested in playing with both sexes, the possibilities for a wider variety of sexual adventure is greater.

Their opportunities to meet other like-minded people ranges from swinging unicorns, other bisexuals as well as polyamorous couples. You’ll find that there are many other ways for bisexual couples to enjoy the swinging experience.

Two women kissing
Being bisexual is becoming more common within the lifestyle scene

Bisexual Swinger Couples Don’t Get Bored

We all know that sex can get a bit stale over time, even if when couples try to add some spice to their sex life. Being a bisexual couple in the lifestyle means both partners can enjoy the best of both worlds. They can choose to spend time with sharing couples, bi couples, single males, or females that are ready to mingle and are less concerned with sexual preference. Visiting a swingers clubs, websites or apps allows couples the chance to finally explore their sexual adventures and bring their fantasies to life.

Swinging Allow Bisexuals to Be Comfortable

As a bisexual couple, there might be fears of how to approach others with similar interests. Keep in mind, that at most swingers gatherings you’ll find many like-minded people to consider for play. Some lifestyle clubs even have coloured bracelets to let members know what others are looking to explore.

Whether they are looking for straight couples, bi couples, or desire a soft or hard swap, it certainly makes it easier to connect with other likeminded people in a swingers setting.

Swinging Simplifies Meeting Other Bisexuals

If you’re specifically interested in meeting other bisexuals, consider swinger sites or forums specific to the bisexual community. It makes it easier to meet people to play and fulfil sexual desires. Do your homework on reputable clubs in your area and choose websites that allow you to review certification by other member couples. This helps to weed out the couples who are not serious about the lifestyle.

Bisexual threesome
Bisexual play amongst swingers in the lifestyle

Getting Ready for Your First Bisexual Swinger Tryst

Safety is most important, hence the certification process. Don’t give out your address or personal contact information before meeting. Make use of the swingers dating app or website for contacting potential playmates that way If something goes wrong, you don’t have a stalker situation on your hand.

Try to arrive at your destination a bit early to ease your nerves, be clean, sanitary and consider wearing some sexy undergarments just in case the night goes well.

Ready to Enter This Wonderful World?

With a bit of preparation and willingness to be open about your bisexuality, you won’t have much trouble finding willing lifestyle couples ready for play.

However, take your time and do your due diligence before hopping between the sheets with new partners.

What It Really Means to Be Bisexual.

Bisexual individuals are spread all over the world and live in all areas of the society. They are known for their attraction for people of both genders, and they can be both, females and males.

Along with the attraction, romantic feelings can be involved and the individual that a bisexual may be attracted to does not necessarily have to be heterosexual. While swingers can enjoy having sex with the members of a couple that are of the opposite gender, bisexual swingers can enjoy both partners of a couple.

There are different misconceptions about bisexuals and many people claim that it is not possible or normal for someone to be attracted by both genders. Just in the same manner as science has debunked many creationist ideas, the reality about bisexuality is very different than what people think in this domain.

Bisexuality is more about physical pleasure than procreation. Sexual orientation is not something that people discover at early age, but something that develops in life due to the experiences that a person may have to go through.

Bisexual threesome
Some women enjoy watching their partner with another man

After many life experiences, people come to realize that they are heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual. The society imposes a certain behaviour that is considered normal, and most individuals follow it in the beginning. Then, at certain points in their lives, they understand that something is not quite right, and they discover their true nature.

The behaviour of bisexual swingers can be compared to the following situation. You have two options in your plate: cake and ice cream. Normally, someone who needs to eat desert will choose one of the options. The reason is that the person may only like ice cream, or just cake.

But some people may want to have both because they like both. It’s as simple as this. It doesn’t mean that the person likes both deserts equally though. In the same manner, bisexual individuals may not be equally attracted to men and women.

Some people who think they are homosexuals may be bisexuals. They just have more attraction to men than they have to women. To explore their sexuality, these men may become bisexual swingers. All they must do is to go to these swinger parties like The Playgrounds that accept such practices. There are many bisexual swinger parties that couples can participate to.

Bisexual party play
Bisexual parties like our Naughty Bi Nature or TransFix are becoming more and more popular

Scientists don’t know the exact reason for which people develop homosexuality or bisexuality. But they think there are many possible factors, such as genes, environment, prenatal hormones, or prenatal stress of the mother. The reasons may be different for different individuals and sometimes there is a combination of factors.

Swinging includes scenes in which one person can look at the other two while they are having sex. Compared to the ideas that people had of fifty years ago, today humanity is much more opened to concepts like homosexuality, bisexuality, transsexualism etc.

These ideas are becoming more mainstream than ever, people are becoming more open minded, and we are starting to accept our sexuality as it is.

Clubs and parties like the ones at THE LIFESTYLE LODGE for swingers and even bisexual swingers are becoming more common than ever.

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