What is Squirting; and How I Taught Myself to Do It

‘Squirting’ is synonymous with female ejaculation, and has been the subject of much scrutiny and controversy in sexology for many years now.

This is, of course, despite being nothing new to women. Female ejaculation has been noted in history dating back to 300 BC in the writings of Aristotle and Hippocrates. In ancient Asia, female ejaculation was common and therefore mentioned in many Chinese Taoist texts; and is thought to have been included in the Kama Sutra, an ancient Indian Hindu text.

Yet somehow, some people lose their minds when it comes to squirting and its validity today.

So what’s the big deal anyway?

What is Squirting? It’s easy to understand when a ci male ejaculates because semen is visually and physiologically dissimilar to any other bodily fluid, male or female. However, because female ejaculate varies vastly in volume and consistency, and that it departs from the same exit as urine, it’s vulnerable to being relegated to an urban legend.For women, the urge to urinate can come on during sex depending on how aroused she is, what stimulation is being used, and what erogenous zone is triggered. This urge is typically attributed to arousing the G-spot (named after German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg), but it can send a woman into a panic from fear of embarrassing herself.However, this is a perfectly normal sensation, and it doesn’t usually mean that you’re going to urinate. The G-spot is exactly what needs to be aroused for optimal ejaculation. There is even speculation of an anterior fornix erogenous zone (A-zone) on the anterior (front) wall of the vagina above the cervix, which when stimulated can produce rapid lubrication and arousal.There are glands located around the lower end of the female urethra called Skene glands, after Scottish gynecologist Alexander Skene, which contribute to female ejaculation. These glands are thought of as the ‘female prostate,’ and the tissue surrounding the area becomes engorged with blood during arousal. Upon sufficient arousal and orgasm, the Skene glands fill up and can ejaculate a varying amount of fluid. This fluid’s flow can range from a slight drip to that of a firehose. It is mostly clear and slightly milky, and has only a faint smell and taste.Studies have indicated that the ejaculate also carries an enzyme called prostatic-specific antigen (PSA), which is something commonly found in male ejaculate that is produced by the prostate. Researchers believe that PSA in female ejaculate comes from the Skene glands, and it appears that some women have reduced glands or none at all – which accounts for why some women are able to squirt and some aren’t.

What Isn’t Squirting?Squirting is not fictitious, nor is it disgusting or abnormal. It is often described as female incontinence by those who don’t know any better, which is incredibly insulting. Some women can restrain the expulsion while some are unable to stop it, but it is not the result of a disorder or abnormality. Above all, IT IS NOT PEE, and anyone who has ever been in the same room as it will tell you the same.How I Learned to Squirt:After years of ogling it in porn, I became fascinated with squirting and had to figure out how to do it. Being the scientist that I am, I researched what I could about female ejaculation prior to the event for any tips on how to proceed. The consensus was to arouse the G-spot and spend ample time on stimulation. So I got plenty of towels under me, used the recommended Njoy Pure Wand and Magic Wand and released as many inhibitions as I could while waiting anxiously for the result as I came. I orgasmed a few times, and instead of giving in to the instinct to ‘hold everything in,’ I tried pushing out. But absolutely nothing was on the towels except for a tiny drip that ran down the swell of my ass. Squirting always seemed very ‘magical’ to me so I only had partial confidence going into it, and when it didn’t work the first time I was discouraged.Upon reflection, I realised that I simply wasn’t comfortable. How can anyone focus on an explosive orgasm whilst lying upon a mound of towels, yet still worrying about destroying the mattress? Irritated at the thought of taking my roadshow to the bathtub, I discovered fluid-proof sheets and my world changed completely. I also decided that everything is more fun with a friend so my husband and I teamed up to attempt squirting one more time.With a pillow under my ass to have better access to my G-spot, he slowly started warming me up in order to arouse the Skene glands and we used the same two toys as before. He knelt between my legs facing me as he massaged my G-spot with the Pure Wand while I vibrated my clit. Compared to the first time that I tried squirting, I was much more at ease with the situation because I wasn’t worried about damaging anything, and most of all – I didn’t feel like Little Miss Muffet lying on a pile of junk.As I started feeling close to orgasm I focused my thoughts on relaxing, and as soon as I crossed the threshold to orgasm, I pushed hard with my vaginal muscles and came so hard that I started screaming. My husband suddenly started excitedly exclaiming things like, “Oh fuck YES, oh my, this is SO FUCKING HOT!” and I realized – it was happening. I did it. I fucking drenched him, and I’ve never cum so hard in my life. The fluid was clear and slightly milky in parts, with no smell whatsoever. I then went to the bathroom and urinated a full bladder, so I know what I squirted was ejaculate. I immediately felt like a badass.

What’s It Like to Squirt?

Squirting orgasms are obviously a bit different from ‘standard’ orgasms. Many women find them to be incredibly intense, longer-lasting, and more satisfying. They may take more time and effort to achieve, and certainly more focus is required at first until you’re more experienced. Sometimes you don’t realize you’re squirting except for the intense heat from the liquid on your ass; and other times inhuman and barbaric sounds escape your lips from how powerful the orgasm is. It sort of feels like a water balloon exploding as it bounces around a room. It really is the ultimate release.

Who Can Squirt?

It’s important not to generalise and to remember that not everyone who is female can squirt, and not everyone who can squirt is female. In a perfect world, every identifying female would be able to squirt on demand if desired, but we know that isn’t the case. Since very little is known about the Skene glands and how exactly cis females ejaculate, it’s difficult to curate a checklist for the Perfect Squirting Candidate. My best advice: keep trying until it works because a great orgasm every time is an excellent consolation prize in my book.

If You Can’t, Are You Broken?

No, of course not, you are absolutely not broken! Some women may be unable to squirt due to one physical limitation or another; but that isn’t always the case – some women just don’t know how. With the amount of discouragement and censorship (such as the UK banning female ejaculation in porn in 2014), it’s not hard to believe that women aren’t getting the information and support that they need to experiment with and nurture their own gift. Though I strongly urge you; if you do know what to do and it still hasn’t happened, do not give up! Sometimes it can take several tries depending on the circumstances, your frame of mind, and the tools you may be using.

Want to Squirt Like a Porn Star? Here’s How to Get Started:

Everyone is different, but a good place to start is with your favorite G-spot stimulating toy or partner. Careful stimulation and arousal of the G-spot (2-3 inches up the anterior vaginal wall between the vaginal opening and urethra; rough patch of tissue) should begin to fill the Skene glands with fluid as the body becomes more excited. A partner can reach better than you, but a well-crafted toy can also do the trick. Toys that are curved with a bulbous head are bound to ‘hit the spot.’ The more stimulation that occurs for the G-spot and A-zone, the better the chances of ejaculating. It’s also possible to ejaculate from strictly clitoral stimulation as well.

When you feel the moment upon you, try your best to clear your mind, free yourself, and literally let go. If nothing happens right away, don’t be afraid to push with your pelvic floor muscles to stimulate ejaculation. It may just be a trickle, or it may shoot clear across the room; be prepared for anything! No one way works the same for everyone; so don’t be afraid to experiment and you’ll be gushing with joy in no time.

Above all, enjoy yourself!
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