5 tips for performing oral sex on a man

Learning how to give a great blow job comes along with experience, and no two men are going to particularly enjoy exactly the same techniques—something those in the swinging lifestyle are very aware of. However, here are five tried and true tips for performing oral sex on a man beyond the basic ‘open mouth wide…insert penis…move up and down’ routine.

1.  Lick it Like a Lollipop

And not just any lollipop—lick his throbbing member up and down and all around like it’s the best lollipop you’ve ever had. Alternate between fast licks and slow licks, paying generous attention to the entire shaft while circling around the rim of the head frequently to keep things interesting.

2.  Mouth and Hand Action

While some men love it when women only use their mouth, many men simply go wild when a hand is added to the mix to double their potential pleasure. Place a hand around his shaft and move it up and down in synchronicity with your mouth around the head. This one can make him cum fast, so it’s a great teaser move.

3.  A Twist on the Hand Combo

An enhancement of tip #2 is to extend your hand motion as it comes up the shaft towards your mouth, remove your mouth long enough to slide the palm across the head in a twisting motion. As the hand retreats back down towards the base, take the head back in your mouth again. Repeat as desired.

4.  Dirty Talk

Naturally, this can happen with a full mouth, so start slowly jerking him off and tell the man all the things he loves to hear. Tell him how amazing he tastes, how eager you are for his cum and anything else that might bring him closer to exploding. Ask him what he wants to give him the idea that he’s in control—even though he isn’t!

5.  Don’t Deny the Balls

When giving head, the ball’s in your court and taking his balls into consideration can have a huge impact on pleasure. Soft rubbing and cupping multiplies the sensation in the penis. Licking them also turns many men on, and the gentle tug of a woman’s mouth sucking them in can be what throws a man over the top.

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