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When two people enter a relationship, that spark of electricity can be extremely influencing, having sex particularly passionate and exciting. This is called the ‘honeymoon phase,’ and like real honeymoons, this phase inevitably comes to an end after a few months or a couple of years.

Once this period has run its course, things often cool off between the sheets and that spark fizzles. Essentially, the fireworks of New Year’s Eve can suddenly resemble Thanksgiving reverence instead. However, there’s no need to be too concerned if you have a strong emotional bond.

It is completely possible to transition a seemingly stale long-term relationship back into one filled with fire. According to many sex therapists and experts, adding a bit of novelty can restore the fire. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is considering introducing consensual non-monogamy into the scene.

Considering the Swingers Lifestyle

If you’ve ever wondered about having a threesome, an open relationship or thought about checking out a swingers clubs, this might be the time to do so. Even creating a dating profile together to ‘window shop’ for potential partners can bring some spice back to your sex life.

Even discussing fantasies with your partner can be exciting. Some may whisper into their lover’s ear while having sex, talking about what they would be doing to another person while their partner watches. This can put some heat into the action and open up the door to serious consideration for entering into the swingers lifestyle.

What to Expect When Going from Vanilla to Swinging

Before dipping into the lifestyle scene, be sure that your relationship is strong and that communications remain open throughout the experience. After one or two flings and swings, you might discover that what you want is more, more, more!

You might also find that you and your partner are more attracted to each other and have an elevated sense of eroticism and aliveness in your commitment.

Most importantly, be aware that the swinging might not be right for you. Some have challenges that involve jealously that could take a healthy relationship and turn it into an unstable one.

However, with open communication and a positive attitude, giving the lifestyle a chance can transform your time between the sheets and enhance your relationship.


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