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Entering the world of swinging certainly brings about a number of questions that curious couples want to know. Because communication is key—especially for lifestyle newbies—we’ve compiled some of the most common questions asked by those considering the swinger scene.

Q: How do vanilla couples first bring up the conversation about being swingers?

A: In general, those who ultimately become swinger couples have had an interest in exploring the scene before the conversation even begins. However, one partner tends to bring up the topic in a loving and honest way. If both parties are on board, let the good times begin!

Q: How do new lifestyle couples find other swingers?

A: There are many swinger websites dedicated to connecting potential playmates. Some people attend parties, events socials and clubs to meet like-minded lifestyle couples.

Q: At swinging parties, will I most often see the same people or new faces?

A: Most swingers environments tend to have a mix of newcomers and familiar faces, so the selection of partners remains broad for those looking to keep things interesting.

Test out a few places and events to see what suits your fancy the most.

Q: Is there any usual jealousy at swingers parties and events?

A: While most lifestyle couples have a strong relationship and set boundaries concerning behavior related to swinging activities, jealousy can rear its head every once and awhile at gatherings with unfamiliar possible playmates.

Usually, when the green-eyed monster makes its presence known, it is caused by insecurity and should be discussed by the partners experiencing jealousy. The best way to handle this reaction is to cease participation in such engagements to prevent the situation from becoming explosive and have that talk ASAP.

Q: How often do swingers ‘play’ versus being intimate with their primary partner?

A: Honestly, this can vary from couple to couple. Some only dabble with others on occasion, while others may participate much more.

Long-time swingers claim that there are ‘on’ months and ‘off’ months. Most importantly, couples need to set their own rules about frequency of playtime with others to find out what works best for their relationship and time availability.

Q: What is the sex life of most swinger couples with their primary partner?

A: Most swinger couples have what is considered a routinely ‘normal’ sex life when they’re not engaging at parties or meeting with others in the lifestyle.

Many keep their relationships strong and trusting with special weekly ‘dates’ just between themselves to keep the fire burning at home, as well.

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