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While spreading the love is the goal of a play party or other it is important to properly clean your toys at playtime; before and after would be recommended just to make sure your love items are properly cleaned before the fun begin.

Collection of sex toys
Sex toy usage increased at swingers parties

Unfortunately, as sexy as using toys at a swingers party can be, they do present a challenge concerning sanitation and cleanliness when multiple partners are involved. Besides using a fresh condom for each partner using the toy, you should take time to clean the toys at playtime and after playtime ends with these easy tips.

1. Look for Any Surface Cracks—Cracks will happen in time on sex toys regardless of whether you are swinging solo or with friends. These increase the risk of infection, and broken toys should be discarded immediately.

2. Wash Toys Before Use—Even while sitting in the drawer waiting for the next play party, sex toys can get a bit dingy and dusty. So, even before use it is a good idea to use water and soap with a neutral pH to remove any residue.

3. After Play Cleaning Tips—The material of your toys and the texture will alter how they must be cleaned to some extent. Some modern toys are waterproof and can be put in the dishwasher, which will sanitize them thoroughly. However, you might need to use a small brush to get any goo out of small areas of certain toys. Again, using condoms can prevent this type of residual build-up. In any situation, we recommend using a cleaner designed for sex toys to ensure the utmost safety.

4. Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals—Solutions such as chlorhexidine and isopropyl alcohol can cause damage to certain materials and shouldn’t be used. Remember, these devices go in your most tender places!

Glass dildo
Glass dildos becoming very popular

Following these tips, you should be able to enjoy safely and confidently using sex toys at lifestyle events or when you’re swinging at home with friends.

Improve Sex Experience with Quality Cuckold Toys

Most of the women normally want a man with a cock extender for a fun filled night. In fact a woman, a cuck and a bull can have a fun filled night, but if a bull is not possible then cuckold toys can make it memorable not only for her but for you also. Dildos, penis extenders, vibrators, strapons and various other toys can be entered in the list of adult toys which are normally liked by cuckold women and their boyfriends for a fun filled night.

Realistic dildos

If your wife is unable to get a bull to satisfy her then cuckold toys like rubber dildo can be the best choice for her. An 8-10-inch-long dildo will really give a feel of being screwed to a woman. They are also known as dongs as they give a feeling of real penis screwing them. The heavy veins of the dong inside your wife enhance her pleasure many times. An 8 inch long and 1 inch fat dildo is enough for a normal cuckold woman as well as you. With the dong already inside your wife you can enter your own cock into her after working with a water based lube for 10-15 minutes in her vagina. This will give her a feel that she is being screwed by two men at a time.

Cock extenders

penis extender x4labsThese cuckold toys are normally used to make you a bigger man with larger and harder penis. If your wife usually not satisfied with the size of your penis, then you should try a penis extender. You can use a strapless penis extension which can extend the size of your penis up to 8 inches so that you can satisfy your wife even without your erected penis. It can also help you when you have exhausted and still want to screw her up or you are not ready for sexual activity. A cock sleeve is the only answer for your under-sized penis. You can get them with or without harness or strap in 8–10-inch models which can really satisfy any woman. You can also enjoy fucking your wife even if your own penis is in the rubber sleeve. Best thing is that you will be able to fulfil the dream of your wife for having screwed with a big cock.

duo balls
Duo balls

Battery operated vibrators

A natural skin coloured vibrator can give a feel of another man in her bed to your wife as lelo vibrator every inch of the vibrator in her vagina will give her the feel of real thing. Sensations rush into her from head to toe as you turn on the vibrator. Most of the manufacturers of cuckold toys claim that a vibrator with smooth and velvety touch on the outer can give a real sensation whether it is used in or out of water. It presses the clit inside the vagina of your wife when fully inserted into it. Non-flexible vibrators with smooth and silky outer are preferred than with removable sleeves for inserting into your wife’s pussy.

Strap Ons

Strap Ons are the cuckold toys that make HER the Man of the house. Strap Ons are the combination of harness and dildo to enable a woman to fuck even a man. The dildo in this toy is shaped and sized especially for anal fucking. The cock head is angled properly to give you a soothing prostate massage. So if you have ever desired to have a prostate massage then make your wife Man with the help of strap on and enjoy. Moreover, you can also use it on her occasionally, for a change. But it should be properly cleaned after every use to make it hygienically safe.

male chastity
Male chastity

Male Chastity

male chastity device Male chastity devices are also used as cuckold toys by the women to maintain the sanctity of the penis of their husband while entertaining their boyfriend. This cock cage is made of leather and metal rings to make the masturbation difficult by confining your penis. It can also be locked to ensure the safety of the purity of your penis. Though it cannot be removed without her consent, but you can urinate and spill out the orgasm which you get after watching your wife screw by her boyfriend.

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