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While many people are aware that the swingers lifestyle involves couples engaging romantically with others outside of their primary partner, many don’t understand what swingers are really all about.

males and females swinging together
Group of swingers

Here, we’ll share a few of the lesser-known facts about the lifestyle that many don’t know.

1. There are Likely More People into Swinging Than You Think

The loving act of swinging is still somewhat underground in the mainstream and is often misguidedly considered taboo. Even though the practice is thought of as taboo to many, it’s more common than one might think. Evidence from Psychology

Today suggests that 1 couple in 25 participate in consensual non-monogamy, which equates to around 4% of the population.

2. The Majority of Swingers are Everyday People

People not familiar with the swingers lifestyle tend to imagine swingers as being a certain ‘type,’ which often ranges from being oversexed to manipulative or into sadomasochism. However, it’s likely you’ve seen someone at a school parents meeting or the supermarket who’s a swinger.

Swingers come from all walks of life, including nurses, policemen, doctors, and such. They don’t wear a red flag or carry a sign advertising their sex life, but rest assured, swingers are just like everyone else!

3. Swinging Isn’t Cheating

Those in the swingers lifestyle make agreements and have set rules, so their goal is not to cheat. Rather, they have permission to engage in certain activities.

In fact, most swingers aspire to strengthen an already healthy relationship, not cheat. Swingers prioritize open-mindedness and are looking to enhance current relationships, not replace their current mate.

males and females swinging together
two women and a man swinging

4. Swinging Doesn’t ‘Fix’ Troubled Relationships

Swinging is highly unlikely to fix a troubled relationship, which is a main mistake made by newbies. Couples with deep-rooted issues are more likely to make things worse by attempting to play with others.

To boot, other swingers seem to have a keen ability to spot ‘troubled’ couples at parties, clubs, lifestyle resorts and on lifestyle cruises. The lifestyle is best entered by those with a strong, loving relationship.

5. The Lifestyle Can Help Balance Gender Roles in Partnerships

While there is a perception that either the man or the woman leads the way and sets the rules in swinging relationships, that is not the case, even in sub/dom partnerships. In general, swinging can essentially create a better sense of balance to the power dynamic between partners.

When both have the freedom to express their deepest desires and communicate them to their mate, a greater sense of gender equality can be enjoyed in the relationship.

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