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Getting to the heart of the issue, no one can pleasure us better than we can pleasure ourselves when the urge strikes. While masturbation is often considered a “no-no” topic, there are times when our lover can’t be there, and we crave satisfaction.

Female masturbation
Female masturbation

Fortunately, there are ways to get off with masturbation, so here are a few techniques to keep things spicy even if you’re flying solo.

1. Set the Mood in Your Surrounding

Treat yourself like the king or queen you are and establish an ambiance similar to one you’d set up before having a partner come over for some action. In other words, be your own hot date (because you’re worth it).

Light some candles, set up a hot bath and get your sexiest play list ready to go.

You might even find a certain scent or some soft and silky sheets more stimulating than the “norm” so they can be a part of your solo pleasure atmosphere, too.

2. Try Out Some New Sex Toys

When you’re ready to masturbate, don’t be shy about bringing out your old faves or spending a few dollars to take your mind and body where you want it to be. After all, just like swinging couples take a new chance during playtime, get your goodies ready to go for experimenting in a new way.

The key is not to rush your solo pleasure time, but to use the experience to expand your horizons much like traditional swinger couples do.

3. Lube It Up

Both men and women can make things a bit more interesting and comfortable with the addition of a lubricant. Today, there are some that are cool, brands that get warm with stimulation, and some that just taste delightful to let you take your experience to whole new levels.

It’s almost a must if you want to have anal stimulation or prostate pleasure. Just be sure to choose a brand and type that is compatible with any sex toys you might have in the line-up.

4. Swap Up Techniques

Sure, it’s easy to get off using the same hand techniques, but if your into the swinging lifestyle, you can appreciate the value of diversity. Even if you’re using the “same old approach”, you can mix up the excitement by going a little faster, a little slower, going deeper or just edging yourself a bit.

Swinger couples can appreciate the concept of changing things up when together, so why not pamper yourself in the same way during your solo play time?

Watching yourself on your phone
Watching yourself on camera

5. Become Your Own Voyeur

Many people in the swingers lifestyle love watching others get off while being watched themselves. So, even if you’re alone, the concept can indeed spice up the mood a bit. Without an audience, be your OWN biggest fan! Snag a mirror to watch yourself in action, or if you’re truly bold, you can set up a video camera or mobile phone to capture the occasion.

You can use this “material” to stimulate you during other solo sessions or just to remind your lover that you’ve still got it going on!

Whether you’re into the swingers lifestyle or prefer to keep things “vanilla”, masturbation is good clean fun that actually helps maintain solid relationships with your primary partners.

Add some spice back into the mix because there’s nothing more valuable than self-love!

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