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Swinging doesn’t have to be a full-time lifestyle. In fact, most swingers perfectly balance their sexual adventures alongside a more traditional and vanilla lifestyle. If you’re new to the community or just wondering how it’s done, this guide give you an inside look at how swingers manage to enjoy both sexual freedom and a vanilla lifestyle with ease!

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Swingers Never Mention It

This may seem obvious, but many new swingers often worry about their friends or family knowing about their lifestyle. Yet if you think about it, has anyone ever asked you about swinging? It’s a very rare topic, and even if someone has suspicions that you swing, it’s unlikely that they would ask. There’s no tell-tale sign of a swinger, and the only way most people will know is if you tell them.

So, to keep your colleagues and family out of the picture, simply avoid mentioning swinging and they’ll likely never know about your secret lifestyle.

“Swinger Couples Go Dancing”


If you’re going every Friday to a swingers club with your partner and your colleagues or family members ask about your evening, simply state you’re heading for drinks or going dancing. If they persist about details, just say that you forgot what the clubs were called but you had a great time.

Online Anonymity

Many modern swingers find new partners and clubs online, but it’s important to remain as anonymous as possible when writing on forums or online chats. You never know who’s reading, and it’s very difficult to permanently delete something from the internet.

To protect yourself from snooping bosses, relatives, and neighbours, use an online pseudonym that has no connection to your own name or interests when writing about swinging.

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Swinger gent

Hire a Babysitter and Head to the Club

There are swingers in their early 20’s and swingers in their late 70’s. It’s a very welcoming community, and you’d often be surprised at the types of people you find at swinger clubs and events. Anyone from the local skater punk to the millionaire attorney could be into swinging, and they often fulfil their responsibilities just like anyone else.

They go to work, they hire a babysitter for the evening, and then they enjoy a night on the town.

It’s perfectly possible to lead a vanilla lifestyle while swinging, and these tips are all you need to get started. Remember to never share your real name online, and simply avoid mentioning swinging around your friends, family, and colleagues.

If you do all of these things, you can be swinging in secrecy in no time!


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