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You and your spouse have made up your mind to join the swinging elites. So, what do you do next? Having investigated your lifestyle and made sure your relationship can survive this activity; the next thing to do now is to find the right partner.

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Finding the right partner can be a challenge

Finding the right swinger couple can be a breakthrough in this current lifestyle that you have adopted or a nightmare in your early months of this lifestyle. Finding the right swinging partner is almost as challenging as finding a suitable partner for you if you were single.

Finding the right partner can become more challenging when you start considering the tastes and preferences of your spouse and comparing them with those of your potential swinging partner. But despite the challenges that come with it, it can be very beneficial to both partners on sexual matters in general when you find the right fit.

The best way to avoid regrets that comes with bad experiences and making wrong choices is to follow these simple rules when you go to meet a swinging couple.

1. Keep sex talks off the table on the first date

When you first meet a potential partner, it is good to keep sex off the table. It will distract so many things. The first date should be more of knowing each other to determine if both of you are fit for the lifestyle. This will save you regrets later. Assess one another before jumping in the sack.

2. Take your time before judging your partner

It is always said that you shouldn’t judge the book by its cover. It is unwise to rule out someone because of the first impression or some few not so good-looking pictures on their profile. Not everyone is photogenic. This may not be the best hotwifing strategy for finding a suitable fit for you. Also, most newbie swingers are quite shy as they aren’t used to the lifestyle. Unless your first meeting turns out to be a total mess, it is always good to give it a second trial before passing judgment.

3. Age of the swingers should not be used to gauge partners

The difference in age doesn’t always mean that you can’t form a perfect fit with the couple. Established couples often disregard younger couples as they tend to view them as not being serious. Older couples can also be discriminated as younger couples think they have lost the touch with the modern swinging lifestyle. Just keep an open mind that a swinging partner can be found anywhere, and any person can make your perfect fit.

4. Make sure that potential swingers are willing to take safe sex precaution

No amount of fun and satisfaction can substitute a healthy lifestyle. There is no need of being blindfolded by the fun under the sheet and end up getting ill for the rest of your life. Real swingers know that safe sex is the key to an enjoyable and healthy swinging lifestyle.

Some partner may not be comfortable with this, but it is always wise to convince them to be supportive if you are planning to engage in swinging for a long time.

Those who may not be supportive of the move should be written off your list as this can harm you later.

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