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Anal sex used to be for the sexually daring, but it isn’t anymore. It has become very common in bedrooms around the world since a lot women love it.

Butt Plug
Butt Plaug

The women enjoy it because it feels so amazing. It gives them a totally different as well as intriguing sensation than regular sex. To make the anal sex even more pleasurable, you should play with her clitoris while you are in the act. Buying her a sex toy may help you enhance the experience even further.

If the sex is so good, it is possible for the woman to have an orgasm ?

Some women like anal sex because it is naughty. Just like some women like putting on handcuffs and school uniforms as a way of making the sex act more fun, some of the find anal sex to be one of the best ways to spice things up. The fact that is it is forbidden makes it more delicious as well as tempting to the women. It is a little scary when you think about, just like having regular sex for the first time as a virgin, but it is quite exciting if you get used to it.

To avoid the pain and accidents that might be associated with it, use lubricants.

During anal sex, the penis hits the nerve endings that are found around the anus. This causes them to be extremely stimulated and chances of the woman having a full body orgasm are high. Mostly, the women who offer to have anal sex are those that are most comfortable with themselves, their bodies or with asking for what they need from their partners.

Most women have tried at some point, and it resulted into either pain or pleasure. Those who had pleasure will usually prefer having it as opposed to regular sex.

If a woman tried anal sex and it was painful, she may be unwilling to try it again. If you are a guy and you also like anal sex, you will have to be prepared to convince her into trying it again. Even though the first time may be a little painful, if she opens to it a second time and other subsequent times, it may end up being pleasurable and satisfying.

It is very important to prepare the woman properly if she complains of experiencing pain during the act, for instance by going slowly, using lube and not pounding her so hard.

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